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Rainforest Destruction

Orinial People of the Rainforest
What it is
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Pictures of Destruction
Orginial People
The Wealth of the Rainforest

Rainforest Destruction not only destroys the enviroment,
but it destroys the life of the indigenous people of the area.

Rainforest Destruction drives out the indigenous people of the area being destroyed. For example, in the Amazonian Rainforest, there were an estimated amount of 10 million Indians living there about 5 conturies ago. Now a days there are only about 200 thousand people living there.
In Brazil alone, European colonists ahve destroyed more than 90 indigenous tribed since the 1900's. Since their homelands continue to be destroyed because of deforestation, the people of the rainforest are disappearing rapidly.

Many of the people still living there are medicine men that 70 years or older. When the medicine men die it is as if a whole bookshelf is burned and all the knoweledge is lost.
When he dies he can't pass on his arts to the next generation and the tribe loses thousands of years of irreplaceable information about the medicinal plants. This is very harmful to the tribe especially when the medicinal plants are dieing and they have to use other resources. The resources they chose as alternatives could be harmful to their health and could wipe out a whole tribe.

What is the wealth of the Rainforets?