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Rainforest Destruction

What is Rainforest Destruction?

What it is
More Cons
Pictures of Destruction
Orginial People
The Wealth of the Rainforest

What is Rainforest Destruction and how does it affect our daily lives?

Rainforest Destruction is the tearing down of rainforests. It is the destroying of our enviroment one tree at a time and it is affecting us in many ways.

The destruction of rainforests is affecting our enviroment and in turn is affecting our daily lives. Many of our medicines are from the rainforest and without the trees, there is a lack of antibiotics. Because of a low source of trees, our oxygen supply is slowly decreasing. Global warming is increasing and we are losing many of our plant and animal species because of no shelter or nutrients. There are lots of political, social, economic and person issues associated with the destruction of the rainforest.

What are some more cons to rainforest destruction?